Recruitment & HR Services

NewGenz Employment offers Recruitment services to SMEs and corporations in Singapore. Candidates are from Singapore, Malaysia, China, Myanmar and Vietnam. All our recruitment consultants are certified and have strong domain knowledge in providing accurate advices on HR & legal matters to companies. Be it industry trends & HR best practices, salary benchmarks, or work pass applications, our consultants do their best to provide the necessary information to our clients to ensure a smooth and fuss-free recruitment process.

Local & Foreign Talent Placements

Search for the right local talent or foreign expertise to match against your manpower needs and budget.

Orientation & Training During Pre-Employment

Interviewing is a fundamental step of our process. We provide orientation and training to candidates on soft-skills, computer knowledge, personal glooming to elevate the quality of our candidates.

Permanent & Contract Placement

Provide HR and legal advices on short-term or contract placement.

Security Bond, Air Ticket & Insurance Arrangement

Our motto: “Ensure company gets the right candidate. Leave all other logistics works to us.”

All Work Pass Application

Worry not about the stacks of applications to be filled up. Our consultant will assist you with all paper works.

After Sales Services – Interview & Counselling

We don’t stop after each sale. Our consultant performs post-sales interview with employers and counselling to employees to ensure a perfect match is formed after each placement.

Fast Recruitment Sea

Shorten heat-hunting time with our effective manpower sourcing strategy

The “Perfect” Match

All candidates are interviewed with background checks to ensure quality and suit

Pay Only When Requir

All permit applications are waived with free consultation on HR & Legal matt